Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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10-Weeks Young 0

Remember When? (Restore)

Dearest Jasmine and Justice, You are too young to remember this, but just know at 10 weeks old your mom and I had a tough time with...

Jasmine at Panera 0

New Beginnings (Restore)

Justice and Jasmine are about to hit their 8-month milestone.  I say it’s a milestone because this month has been a month of changes, not because...

SF RV Park 0

Growing Like Weeds (Restore)

Since my last post over a month ago a lot has happened with Justice and Jasmine.  Some good, some not so good.  First with the good....

Justice After Shot 0

Justice Speaks! (Restore)

Finally Justice’s baby babble has turned into recognizable speech.  At 6 months and 10 days Justice finally said ‘Dada!’.  He repeated it enough times for us to...

Under the weather 0

Parenthood 101 (Restore)

It’s only been 2 months into parenthood and we’re burnt!  Grandma left last Saturday so this is the first week that we have had Jasmine and...

Birthday Bash 0

Birthday Bash! (Restore)

Jasmine and Justice’s 1st birthday is here and gone. We celebrated their big day at home with just a few good friends and family. I am...

Wonder Twins 3

Wonder Twins (Restore)

The fun thing about having twins is that you get to dress them up alike just for kicks. In our case we have a lot of...

Jasmine and Justice - Day 1 0

I’m a dad x 2 (Restore)

You’ve read right! I’m a proud dad of twins! Last Friday, July 31 at 2:49PM PST our fraternal twins were born. Jasmine weighed in at 5.15...

Moving Forward 0

Moving Forward

We heard back from our previous web host about the loss of our data and nothing has changed. They confirmed that the data is gone and...