Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Jasmine as Snow White 0

Halloween 2011

Here are our pictures from Halloween. This year we strolled with our neighbors. We couldn’t believe how many people were out tonight. Jasmine was Snow White...

Hanging out at Murphy's 0

Angels Camp

Here are some pictures of our weekend trip to WorldMark at Angel’s Camp.  During our stay we hooked up with our friends Rene and Daphanie and...

At the Legion of Honor 0

SF Day Trip

Here are some pictures of our day trip to San Francisco from July. Testing out the new gallery slider plugin. You can click on a random...

Coral Baja 0

Cabo San Lucas 2011

Our first vacation of the year was to Cabo San Lucas.  I consider this our first vacation because we took a plane out of the country....

At the beach, FL. 0

Back from the Bahamas (Restore)

Hi All, Sorry I have not responded to your comments. Just got back from the Bahamas and am now finally settling down. We left last Saturday...