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Prepper – Bug Out Vehicle

Over the last year or so I have been working on my project truck/bug out vehicle. When I bought the truck used less than 3 years ago I just wanted to keep it nice and simple. Repair a few things here and there and add some of my personal touch. Since that time there has been news of hurricanes, storms, floods, etc. So decided to change the theme of my truck and make it my bug out vehicle.

After watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and getting advice from other preppers, I started to put my own build together. Some basic requirements of the truck is that it had to be able to hold a lot of our necessities, there had to be room for all 5 of us to camp out in it if we had to, and it had to have enough gadgetry to allow us to be off-grid temporarily.

My latest modification for off-grid use was to install a solar panel. I love this setup! While I am not an electrical engineer by any means, I do have a strong desire to have their skills. So here is what I’ve got…

A Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit with Wanderer Solar Charge Controller mounted to the top of the truck attached to my Yakima cross bars. I ran the cables from the solar panel in-between the truck cab and truck camper shell. I had to drill holes to run the cables through the inside of the shell.

From there the cables are attached to what I will call an electrical board where everything is mounted, i.e. Charge Controller, fuse box, and a 1000W inverter. Below the board is a 100 amp battery, which ties everything together quite nicely.


This setup was not my idea, but rather from a YouTuber named Will Prowse. Man, this young man is smart as heck. I took his video on a DIY 200W Solar setup and modified it for my needs. Check out his video.

In addition to this Solar setup, which will allow us to charge our cell phones, tablets, and lights, I have boxes of other stuff that I plan to haul in case of an emergency. I will try to get all of that in a video.

For now, here is a link to my other website that just features my vehicles –

Finally, a older video on the evolution of my truck.

All fun stuff!



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