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Hula Holiday 2019

Every since Jasmine and Sophia joined hula, the hula group has been hosting Halloween and Christmas parties for all the families. This was the first even...


Mother’s Day 2019

This year we had a nice simple Mother’s Day. Started with a nice breakfast, then everyone kicked back until it was time to get ready for...

2014 1

New Year’s Resolution for 2014

Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014! I should actually title this post, ‘January 2014 Resolutions’ because I know that is probably how long I can keep it my promises...

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We Are Family

This past Holiday was better than I expected. Every year we rotate where we spend the holidays. Thanksgiving was at my brother Rich’s house.  Christmas Eve...

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SF Day Trip

Here are some pictures of our day trip to San Francisco from July. Testing out the new gallery slider plugin. You can click on a random...

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Birsen Visits the US

Week of July 17 Ebru’s friend Birsen is in town for 2 weeks.  She is visiting us all the way from Istanbul, Turkey.  While she’s here...

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Cabo San Lucas 2011

Our first vacation of the year was to Cabo San Lucas.  I consider this our first vacation because we took a plane out of the country....

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Jasmine Speaks!

Jasmine continues to surprise us!  As she approaches 21-months we are noticing some significant changes.  First of all she is more interactive with us and with...

Raley Field 4

Mommy and Me Day

Thanks to the folks at Good Day Sacramento for posting the ‘Mommy and Me Day’ at Raley Field.  With free parking and free admission it was...