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Sleep Deprivation

No thanks to Sophia almost everyone at home is suffering from sleep deprivation. Every 2 hours or less Sophia wakes up.  We normally go to sleep around 11:30PM PST and by 1:30-2AM Sophia wakes up. Then like clock work she will take up every 2 hours thereafter.  By the time Ebru and I have to get up for work, we’re exhausted.

Rested Sophia

Rested Sophia

Sophia is a very light sleeper.  If we change positions in bed, she hears the blankets moving and wakes up. If the dogs flap their ears or snores, she wakes up. Since we know that she’s a light sleeper, this prevents us from falling into a deep meaningful sleep.  We always have one ear open listening for her cry.

She was a better sleeper when she was first born.  Fast forward to today, 6 months later her sleep has gotten worse.  Not sure what the problem is.  We give her a nice warm bath and feed her before she goes to sleep, but her in comfortable clothing, and swaddle her so he feels nice and secure.  The house temperature is always about 80 degrees.  What’s interesting is that she always wakes up sweaty lol.

It is almost impossible for us to catch up on sleep.  If we’re lucky we might get a little power nap in the afternoon with Justice and Jasmine take their noon nap.  If we can coordinate their nap and put Sophia to sleep, then this will give us an opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep.  There are times I wish I could crawl under my desk at work to catch a few z’s.  I know that’s not happening.

If I remember correctly it wasn’t until after a year when Justice and Jasmine started to sleep through the night.  God help us get through another 6 months of sleepless nights.



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