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Where Has The Time Gone?

In exactly two months Justice and Jasmine will be 3 years old!  Where has the time gone?  In some ways I am glad things seem to be going fast, but in other ways it is also sad because I know they will never be this age again.

They are definitely learning more and more each day.  Jasmine is especially quick at putting words together and making coherent sentences.  Justice is more straight to the point.  For example Jasmine will say, ‘I took a bath.  Justice will just say, ‘bath’.  Oh well, he tries.  They are both like sponges soaking everything they see and hear.

They also understand how taking away things from them means punishment.  If they do something we are not happy with, then we say, ‘no car, no gym’.  Two things they enjoy the most, going somewhere and going to the gym where they get to play with other kids.  If we threaten them with ‘no car, no gym’, they usually listen to us. If they get hurt by a fallen toy, then they tell the toy, ‘no car, no gym’ lol.

Face painting from EG Park

Face painting from EG Park

One thing we still have not done is potty train them.  We tried, but were not very successful.  It was hit or missed with the portable potty training seats.  Wish my grandma was still with us.  She would know what to do.  With our family vacation coming up soon, potty training them would sure be helpful (and economical).  If anyone has any tips, we’d surely like to hear them.

One thing I notice is they they are both friendly kids.  They have a good sense of other people.  If they sense that someone is goodhearted, then they are friendly.  If not, they they a quiet and come back to use for protection (Jasmine will say, ‘I scare’).  When they get to the kids area at the gym, they introduce themselves and each other.  They say, ‘Hi me Juju’ and point to themselves or the other.  When we leave they are good at saying, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you’.

As of this writing they are both sick.  Jasmine more so than Justice.  Not sure where she caught it from, but she has been coughing for the last day or so.  This is the second time in a month’s time where they both got sick.  Last time it was Justice who was more sick.  He had a mild pneumonia.  Of course they they get sick, we get sick.  Thank God for Nyquil.

As for me, I am still working from home most days and taking care of the kids.  We still use babysitters once or twice a week to help.  Ebru is still in her retail job.  Her hours are not consistent so it’s hard to have any kind of schedule going.  We do whatever it takes, however, to make sure there is always someone with the kids.  Sometimes when I am in meetings at home, the TV becomes the babysitter unfortunately.

I will be happy when they are old enough to attend kindergarten, which I guess is in another 2 years.  We might have some normalcy then.  Until then we are just playing it by ear and hoping for the best.



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