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Different Flavors of Nispiros

Nisperos fruit

Nisperos fruit

Did you know there is more than one spelling of ‘Nispiros’ and we are all probably related?  In my Facebook account I have cousins whose last names are spelled, ‘Nisperos’ and ‘Nesperos’.  What’s up with that!?

I guess us Nispiros’ can blame Dad for that. For some reason, when Dad got to the US he wanted to change our original sur name from ‘Nisperos’ to ‘Nispiros’ so we would be easier to find.

So far no one has looked for us and every relative we know is either in Delano, CA or back in the Philippines lol.

Our name is also the name of a fruit found in Mexico, called Loquat (Nisperos). Looks pretty good, although I’ve never tried it.

What does your last name mean?



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