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What Comes Around



Another thing about ‘Terrible 2’s‘ is that when one is sick, the other is sure to get it.  When Justice and Jasmine are both sick, then it means no rest for anyone, including Minik and Candy.  Of course the drama doesn’t stop there. More than 80% of the time, Ebru and I will also get sick.  Not necessarily from the same sickness, but from pure exhaustion from taking care of them.  In worse case scenarios we are exhausted AND get the same sickness.

Wow, what goes around, comes around.

It means sleepless nights and hair-pulling days until they get better.  Just like adults, they are cranky, irritable, and totally uncomfortable.  To top it all, they can’t communicate how they are feeling.  At 2-years old their vocabulary is still very limited.

At least Jasmine can say ‘booboo’ when she has wet her diaper, but how does she communicate, ‘I am feeling hot and my stomach hurts?’.  She’s not there yet. We are not mind readers either so it makes this whole sickness scenario very frustrating.

Justice doesn’t even try to talk.  When he is in pain he just cries his head off. What we do notice is that when both are not feeling well, they run to mommy.  I guess that’s their instinct.

As of this past Wednesday they have both been running fevers as high has 102. We called Kaiser and they said bring them in if it ever gets to 104.  It’s now Friday and their fever is still there, but not in the danger zone.  I hope it stays that way and I hope they get better soon.  I need some serious sleep.

What’s your advice?



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