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Be Different

Assuming we get through Judgement Day tomorrow, which is May 21, 2011, then you have an opportunity to be different.  Just the fact that you are fraternal twins already makes you different.  However, since you guys are so close some may see you as one.  From the outside that might be true.  Even though you are both different genders and are different biologically, what I am saying is that you should be different in the way that you carry yourselves.



Do not do what everyone else is doing because it is the thing to do.  Be different, go beyond that, be better than normal.  In fact, be spectacular!  Be creative and original!  Think out of the box!  Think different!  I can not tell you exactly what is normal because by the time you can read and really understand this ‘normal’ might mean something else to use.  So what I might try to explain in these times, but be different when you are older.  Just know that what ever you do in your lives always try to be better and different.

Being better is great, but what will set you apart from others is in how you carry yourself.  Carry yourself with grace but with humility.  Be street smart but in a worldly sense.  Be knowledgeable, not cocky.  Whatever you do, set yourself apart from others (in a good way).  It doesn’t matter what line of work you end up with, you can still be different any any field of work.  In your discovery of being different, you will come to know yourself and set the bar higher for others.

In your growing years you will come to understand that our nagging is our way to molding you to be something different, something better.  As you know we are not a wealthy family, but we are rich in love.  We, like all parents, want the best for you.  If being different will make you more successful than the average Joe, then it is what we want for you and hopefully you will want the same for yourself.

Your employers and significant others will probably find your uniqueness something that is desirable.  Just look at this video of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend.  This was definitely different and out of the norm.

I many ways I too have tried to be different.  But I had to do it to be competitive in the marketplace.  Since I am a minority, which you are too, I have had to work harder to obtain the things I have wanted in life.  I was not brought up with a silver spoon in my mouth.  I also had to work harder in school since my parents were not well educated.  Socially, I tried to be different because most Filipino’s in my era were ‘normal’.  I mean that in a good way.  I learned as went along.  Some things works and some things didn’t.  During this process of being different, you will find your true self.  Once you get there, your confidence will show and you can do anything in this life!

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