Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Young YouTubers

Recently, the kids started to watch a lot of YouTube. They use YouTube to help them with video games, to help them build things, and find...

Christmas 2013 1

Goodbye 2013!

While the birth of our youngest child Sophia was an extremely happy day for us, I am glad that the year is almost over.  We have...

Baby Sophia 2

Welcome Sophia!

We’re finally back home after a long weekend at the hospital! We are happy to announce the birth of Sophia Miray Nispiros.  Born on Friday, 3/1/13...

Drew Ryniewicz 0

X-Factor Week 2 Favorites

Today was another good week on X-Factor.  Not only were the contestants interesting, but the public display of frustration and anger between the judges @PaulaXFactor and...

Stacy Francis 0

X-Factor Favorites

Here are my favorite X-Factor contestants so far. Stacy Francis, Melanie Amaro, and Caitlin Koch just blew me away! As far as I’m concerned they are...

The Encounter 0

The Encounter

Tonight we watched a movie called The Encounter. It’s about these strangers who got detoured only to meet up with Jesus Christ. Technically the movie was...

Gold Rush Days 0

Gold Rush Days in Old Sac

This Labor Day weekend the Gold Rush Days hit Old Sacramento.  We decided to check it out since we had nothing better to do on this...

Birsen and Ebru 0

Birsen Visits the US

Week of July 17 Ebru’s friend Birsen is in town for 2 weeks.  She is visiting us all the way from Istanbul, Turkey.  While she’s here...

Lake Francis Camping 0

Lake Francis Camping

Last weekend we went camping with some friends from high school.  It was Justice and Jasmine’s second time.  The first time they went camping was September...