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Tiah Tolliver & Caitlin Koch Hear the Decision

Last night’s X Factor was unbelievable!  I could not believe that Simon picked Tiah over Caitlin.  Caitlin was far from best at her first audition.  Paula and Nicole didn’t want to put her through, but Simon pushed and pushed.  Now Simon feels that he has to stand by his decision.  This is clearly pride over real talent.  I have no idea what Simon sees in Tiah, but in our eyes Caitlin is the much better choice.  She’s more talented and mature.  She has great control of her voice.  She’s pretty and most of all marketable.  We are not talent agents by trade, we have ears and eyes and know the difference between average and awesome!  Caitlin is the latter!

I was just blown away at Simon’s decision.  See it here for yourself.



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