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From Bad to Worse

I am really hoping that this Terrible Two phase get over with quickly.  I am not sure how much more I can take of this.  Day in and day out crying, complaining, and cursing.  You never know what they will want from moment to moment.  What makes it worse is that I have to deal with whatever decision they make or any decision I help them make.

Dentist 101811

Dentist Visit

For example, at the dentist office today, they gave them ballons.  When we got home, they played with the ballons for 5 seconds before they let them go and float to the ceiling.  So now all of a sudden it becomes a game.  They hold and let go of the ballon and daddy gets it.  Definitely not my decision. After 2 rounds of this I stopped getting the ballons.  Oh well.

The other day I was preparing a nice breakfast, at least it was nice in my head.  When I turn around to see why it was so quiet, I see Justice playing with my outdoor shoes and pulling the cut grass from the bottom.  What a mess he made. Jasmine is no angel either.  I leave the kitchen for a second and she is climbing and reaching in the knife drawer.  These child safety locks are useless and it doesn’t help that they are getting taller.

Justice doesn’t seem or want to use the words he learned.  He cries for milk and yet he doesn’t say milk or give the sign language for milk.  He just cries thinking you knows what he’s thinking.  I really wish he and Jasmine would understand the word ‘patience’.  It’s hard to tell a 2-year old, ‘give me 2 minutes’.  They just don’t understand.

Sleep Time

Sleep Time

Sadly, I look forward to their sleeping time.  I gain back some sanity.  But the complaints, cries, and whining is just too much.  Earlier when I said ‘cursing’, I meant my cursing lol.  I seem to do it a lot lately.  It may feel good to let loose verbally, but of course one day they will repeat it to others.

I think Justice’s problem or at least the problem I have with him is that he does not communicate clearly when he is impatient.  Jasmine is a little better at it.  If she wants something in a hurry, she will say ‘more more more’.  Justice will just cry and grab what he wants.

Also EVERYTHING seems to be a toy.  Nothing is safe.  Kitchen utensils, iPads, phone, etc are all toys to them.  That’s especially annoying since I am still a neat freak and do not like my gadgets messed with.

God help us!



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