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Christmas 2021

It’s been a long two days lol. This year we celebrated Christmas right at 12AM on 12/25. Normally, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas morning. But on Christmas Eve, Ebru and I were watching ‘Don’t look up’ and we were hooked to watch it until the end, which was like 11:30PM. So with only 30 minutes until Christmas, we decided to just go for it!

To say the least the kids were more than excited! They basically got everything they put on their wish list and then some. We did the unwrapping of gifts as quickly as we could and still went to sleep around 1:45AM.

The next morning we got up or I got up at about 9AM to starting cooking. We expected family over about 3PM. I started with the turkey since it was going to take the longest to cook. I found this great recipe in my inbox from the NY Times site – Slow-Roasted Turkey with Apple Gravy. I brined it in the buttermilk brine for about a day and half. It didn’t look like the picture, but it tastes wonderful!

In addition to the turkey we prepared autumn soup, mash potatoes, asparagus with mushrooms, baked bread with cheese and store bought and shipped Honey Baked Ham. We also had the customary wine and other side dishes, while the family brought dessert.

The kids kept busy with their new Christmas gifts, while we continued to prepare for our supposedly early Christmas dinner. We continued to cook, clean, and prepare and with the grace of God, were about 98% ready at 3PM. Our family, not so much. We the late start, due to whatever, and they downpour of rain, they got to our house safely at about 4:30PM.

We promptly started our dinner with a ritual grace at the table, then everyone dug in to eat, chat, and enjoy, at least we hope they did.

After dinner, we moved over to the dining room to enjoy coffee and dessert, watched a kid’s anime-type DVD, then played a card game.

By 11:45PM, everyone was exhausted and it was time to call it a night. A long night indeed, but full of food, fun, and laughter. We will slept a little late due to the cleanup effort, but it was a relief to be done with hosting Christmas this year with the family.

The next day, today, I woke up close to 12PM. Haven’t done that in a lonnnggg time.



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