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About Leos (Restore)

The Secret Language of Birthdays

A good blogger friend, ‘Another Maria‘ was kind enough to translate Justice and Jasmine’s horoscope based on their date and time of birth.  Here is the result.  The information was taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldshneider & Joost Elffers.

July Thirty-First: The Day of the Human Portrait

Strengths: Observant, Expressive, Visual

Weaknesses: Anxious, Disturbed, Isolated

Those born on July 31 take a special interest in what it means to be a human being. Philosophical and moral questions concerning the nature of humanity absorb them, especially where unusual and abnormal aspects of people are concerned. Consequently no question concerning the behavior of mankind is off limits to them, and rarely will a subject be too upsetting to examine and discuss. Stories of persecution, imprisonment, tyranny and torture may hold a fascination for those born on this day, as do martyrs, saints and other highly spiritual figures, and their acts of kindness and courage. This is not to suggest that those born on this day reserve their interest in humankind to the exceptional alone; on the contrary, they are also absorbed with the everyday life, customs and habits of people.

July 31 people have a great need to share and communicate what they have learned. The more introverted personalities born on this day often record their impressions in writing (diaries, letters, essays) or fine arts, particularly drawing and painting; extroverted July 31 people may wish to make their contribution through direct social interaction. In either case, there is a marked descriptive or visual talent associated with those born on this day. Both the introverted and extroverted types often display an interest in promoting their notion of the ideal man or woman, or the ideal society.

Most July 31 people put their work ahead of all else, which may not always make them the favorite of their family and friends. As family members they are not infrequently the subject of controversy and the object of criticism. Some July 31 people may even choose to live alone precisely for this reason; it is as if they are too much involved with mankind in general to have time for a great deal of personal interaction.

Those born on this day generally have a practical, realistic outlook but may tend at times toward the pessimistic. If their assessment of life around them becomes overly negative and then gets turned inward, it can make for true unhappiness. Thus the realism of July 31 people can be valuable and healthy but must never become a destructive negativity. Those born on this day must remind themselves that the immediate world around them can be greatly improved through their efforts, and that their dedication to more universal social issues may be of less usefulness. Perhaps practicing daily acts of kindness themselves constitutes their best chance of becoming the ideal human being they so greatly admire.


Leo Stones & Uses

Yellow topaz: restores inner calm, eases stress Tiger’s eye: grants vitality

Ruby: strengthens heart energies Milky yellow amber: grounds visions

Colors: Ocher, golden hues

July 23 – August 23

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, representing the radiant creative forces of the individual which light up the world around it. It is the second fire sign, but unlike Aries, its powerful energies are fully under control. Leo symbolizes the need of the ego to make its mark on the world. Ambition, power and self-confidence are hallmarks of this sign. The courage of The Lion and its regal bearing make it respected, if not feared, by other animals.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo represents fully realized expression through powerful and directed action. Leo likes to lead, and expects others to follow with due deference. However, sharing and warmth are important to this sign as well. The sunny, leonine nature of the golden sign demands enjoyment, satisfaction and harmony. On the other hand, Leo does not hesitate to give battle to the forces of injustice, oppression and darkness whenever called upon to do so.

Leo can be seen as an evolutionary stage between cancer and Virgo that transmutes protective, empathic and sensitive energies into service-oriented, discriminating and analytical ones.

The Leo Personality

If Leo is taken to represent the fifth period of life, age 28-35, the Leo personality can be likened to the mature adult bringing the full force of his/her personality to bear on the world. Leos love to make their presence felt through grand gesture. They dislike meanness and pettiness, and, like the regal king of the beasts, prefer to overlook anything which they consider unworthy of their attention. Big-hearted, Leos generally give a lot or not at all. Sometimes receiving the gifts of others can be difficult for them. Leos not only tend to operate on their own terms but generally display the strength to refuse an offer which is not acceptable and the steadfastness necessary to stick to their decision. In keeping with their code of honor, they generally pay off when they lose a bet or fail in an investment, and expect others to do the same. To them, the given word is the law.

Leos love to be admired, not only for their physical appearance but also for what they do. Being placed on a pedestal by others does not bother them in the least. Often natural leaders, they will revel in exemplifying the best traits of the group they represent – whether family, social or political. Yet most Leos prefer accomplishing tasks without fanfare, wishing to convey a highly confident, secure image.

A Leo’s home is his/her castle. Those born under this sign must be proud of where they live, and when happy with their living arrangements, enjoy nothing more than sharing hospitality with others. The faithfulness of a Leo is legendary – a Leo will defend family, friends and mates to the last drop of blood if necessary. Yet fixed attitudes and attachments to outworn arrangements can also stand in the way of their growth.

Leo I – “Authority”

July 26 – August 2

The Leo I period takes Authority as its central image. This period can be likened to the beginning of the mature adult life as an individual turns thirty. Confidence can run high at this point if the doubts and uncertainty of the first Saturn return (age twenty-eight or twenty-nine) have been resolved. Beginning the process of establishing oneself as an authority in a given field can be a focus at this time and an absorbing task. Some must assume the role of authority to their growing children, while others may look to an older, more experienced person who can serve as a teacher, a guide who can initiate them into a broader understanding of the world. Other Leo I’s may strengthen their sense of confidence through what they learn from books, methods, religious or spiritual teachings, philosophy, etc.

The days which comprise Leo I symbolically reveal the mature adult developing a truly original style, making important decisions for him/herself and the family or work group, and in general trying to be successful in life by making his/her name known and trusted.

The Leo I Personality

Leo I people are among the most powerfully authoritative of the year. Although many have leadership qualities, it is not the act of commanding others that usually appeals to them but asserting themselves and being taken seriously. Also, much of their energy is channeled inward rather than outward, toward developing their own strengths and abilities. Success for these tough individuals may not always be measured in worldly terms either. Often they have private goals- whether intellectual or physical- which they pursue with unrelenting tenacity. Surpassing their own previous achievements may figure prominently for them.

Leo I’s are not people who blend in with the wallpaper. In fact, too often they feel the need to dominate their environment. The more advanced born in this period learn that greater results can often be achieved without making their presence felt too strongly. However, the posture of a Leo I naturally tends toward the imposing and therefore no matter what they do it is difficult for them to remain unobtrusive. Since their outlook is generally forceful and positive, Leo I’s may not be able to understand moodiness or negativity in others. If their own outlook becomes negative through rejection or failure, they may be ill-equipped to deal with it.

Leo I’s often find themselves in situations where they are called upon to make decisions for others. They tend to be upwardly mobile in their orientation and may well reach positions of power where responsibilities can be truly crushing. For the most part, those born in this period are more than capable of handling challenging demands, but in some cases their own private goals and real interests can get swallowed up by their professional life. This can, of course, lead to frustration. Perhaps one scenario for such Leo I’s is that in their drive for success they make themselves indispensible to their firm or organization and then are simply unable to leave, having grown used to the rewards earned and the feeling of being needed and valuable.




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