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Happy New Year 2010! (Restore)

Holiday 2009

Holiday 2009

Before we get into the New Year, we’d just like to take a moment to reflect on 2009.  It was a year of ups and downs.  We rode out the bad economy while having Justice and Jasmine.  Sure, timing could have been better, but we don’t really control these things do we.  I guess it was God’s time for us.

Not sure it was a blessing though because these last 5 months has been very difficult.  I’ve said in my last three posts that people say it will get better.  I’m gonna slap the next person who says that!  Everyone who says it is someone without kids, a singleton parent, or a parent that had kids one at a time.  No one really understands us and what we’re going through.

Of course friends my age have kids that are in freakin college by now and we’re just starting out.  They are way past this stage and can only empathize with us.  We have no consistent support of any kind.  It’s just me and Ebru.  Once in awhile we get help from our sister-in-law and we appreciate that!  We just too busy taking care of them that we don’t even have to to research for outside help.

We hope that the New Year we better.  We hope that they both will sleep longer and cry less.  Sometimes we feel that we don’t have normal babies?  Either that or we’re just so green behind the ears that WE may be causing their pain and suffering.  Either way, we hope next year is better.  Next year is actually less than 2 hours away from the time of this post.

It’s also time for me to hit the hay and hopefully meet the New Year with renewed hope and more rest.  I’m sure I speak for myself and Ebru when I say that our resolutions are for better health and exercise, assuming we get enough rest physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Thank you to our readers who provided their support and friendship!

Love you all!  Have a great New Years!

More of Justice and Jasmine.  Today they are exactly 5 months old.



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