Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

Half Way There! (Restore)

Last week they officially passed their 6 month milestone!  Wednesday they go for the 6 month immunization shots and check up.  We’re guessing that they are about 16lbs each and about 30 inches tall.  We think that is above the normal for kids in their age group, especially for twins.

This week we continued feeding them baby food and bottled water.  They still get their breast milk and formula through out the day.  This change to their diet has slightly improved their sleeping habits, Justice more so than Jasmine.

Justice continues to talk up a storm and be very active like the boy he is.  Jasmine on the other hand is very laid back.  Even in the jumper toy she just sorta stands there.   I guess she’ll be more active later.

This past weekend we went to Daisy’s Baby Shower.  They were surprisingly well behaved.  They were handed off to strangers without crying (knock on wood).  Of course when we left and got them in the car, they reverted to their natural state lol.  No worries, we got home in no time and got them back to their routine.

I believe they are getting used to their routine.  We just have to be disciplined enough to follow it on a consistent basis.  When we are not consistent, it shows.  They get tired and grumpy, then we get agitated, then no one is happy.  However, when we do follow their schedule, then they are happy tots.

Here’s a compilation video from the last couple of weeks.

Here they are at Target.  Gotta love Jasmine propping her head up with her chubby little hand.




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