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Best and Worse Month (Restore)

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Justice and Jasmine have kept us very busy.  This is their 4 and 1/2 month.  In some cases it has been their best month and in other cases their worse.

We have seen a lot of development this month.  They are definitely more aware of their surroundings, they are starting to interact with things they touch, and they seem to have a better understanding of what they are, little people with limitations.

Their sleeping really hasn’t improved.  However, this could be due to other factors such as the colder weather and eczema flare ups, which are things they have not had before.  Daytime sleeping is still somewhat of a challenge.  While one tries to sleep, the other is talking up a storm or crying their head off.

Eating habits haven’t change much either.  Justice still slams down his formula, while little precious Jasmine takes her sweet time sipping mommy’s milk.  Jasmine seems to have gotten fussier if that’s possible.  Our diet hasn’t changes much so we don’t know exactly what the problem there.  She could be teething.

During this period we have definitely reached our limits with them in more ways than one.  We really hope things get better soon.  I know it’s hard to tell with all these sane photos of them, but believe me it hasn’t been easy.

We still take them out on the weekends despite the cold and rain.  After all, we still have to eat and do shopping.  They seem to enjoy attention, especially Justice.  Jasmine can go either way just depends on her mood.

Justice had a milestone this month.  He is now able to turn over from his back to his belly and back again.  He gets so happy when he is able to accomplish this without any issues.

We just came from our routine doctor visit and all vital signs are good.  Jasmine came out on top this month.  She is slightly heavier and taller than Justice.  We even notice some rips in her PJs because she’s out growing them.

They still are not interacting with each other verbally.  They do however, notice each other’s presence and touch each other’s hands when they are laying side by side.  But that’s about it.  We’re looking forward to the day that they start interacting and playing with each other.

Here is the latest video I put together with my new Macbook Pro 13″ with iMovie and video clips from my iPhone 3GS.

Here we are at Lolo’s church ceremony. He passed away at 98 years old. May he rest in peace.




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