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It Was A Fun Ride

Yesterday marked another milestone in my vehicle ownership history. Due to sporadic problems with my 2012 BMW 328i, I chose to let her go… Despite all the mods on put on her on the outside, her inside was falling apart. In less than a year I had to once again get the engine replaced due to a failed fuel injector. The injector was one of key parts that was not replaced the first time the engine was replaced. The second was the DME or brain of the vehicle.

Bimmerfest at Fontana, CA.

The choices were to replace the other fuel injectors and DME or just replace the newly failed injector and run the risk of the other remaining injectors to fail. At 80k miles and more money to shell out, my/our decision was to let her go and use the money towards a new vehicle.

I will be missing the Bimmer as far as performance and mods I did to it to make it enjoyable. Had good memories as far as tracking it, taking the family to Bimmer events, including local festivities and the Bimmerfest event in Fontana, CA. Met good people along the way and I learned a lot about the vehicle.

Now with all this left over accessories it looks like I will be having a 328i garage sale since Spring. I’m not good a selling stuff, it means negotiating with people lol instead of clicking a mouse. Wish me luck.



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