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Hula Holiday 2019

Every since Jasmine and Sophia joined hula, the hula group has been hosting Halloween and Christmas parties for all the families. This was the first even that Sophia actually danced in front of a crowd. We actually didn’t know she was going to dance, so we were all pleasantly surprised.

Jasmine was a little down when we go there because she saw all the other girls in dresses. Jasmine was wearing nice comfortable clothes and was at least in Holiday spirit with her Santa hat.

They had exchange gifts as well as a show for all the families. Hawaiian food and Filipino dessert was part of the menu.

The event was held inside the church’s gym/multi-purpose room so the adults started to play basketball soon after the Hula slide show.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out at our table and of Sophia and Jasmine hula dancing with Auntie Jenny in the background. Since it was a holiday party, they did not wear their usual hula outfits.

Momma and Jasmine
Sophia and Justice
Kid’s activities
Hula time!


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