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Are We There Yet?

Top Ramen was finger licking good

Top Ramen was finger licking good

Before we had the kids we were busy as it is.  Now with the kids we just have no time at all.  In fact, there is not enough time in the day to get stuff done, not to mention not having enough energy to even get to the end of the day.

Now that I am at home more with the kids, I am valuing my time more than ever before.  So not only am I working, watching the kids, feeding them, cleaning them, doing the laundry, the bills, the gardening, the cleaning of the cars and house, I am also cleaning up and taking care of the dogs, their crap, and stuff that’s left behind when Ebru goes to work.  Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah I almost forgot I do the cooking and cleaning.  The cooking I don’t mind because I enjoy it.  It’s not as mindless as you think.  It’s the cleaning up after the kids that’s a killer.  Depending on what we have for our meal will determine the level of catastrophe our kitchen will be in. For example they love pancakes, but cleaning up the sticky syrup all over the table, chairs, and floor is not fun.  Same goes for any rice or noodle dish.  The aftermath is everywhere!

Today a peddler comes knocking at the door and I just ignore him.  Do you really think I have time to listen to you when I don’t even have time to take care of my freakin self?!  I don’t think so buddy!  Step off!  We even have a note on our door that solicitors are not welcome.  I guess they can’t read.  Same goes with those religious groups that go door-to-door.  Believe me I do my own praying.  I’m having a hard enough time with my own God, don’t tell me yours is going to hear me out and do something about it lol.

Justice showing his choppers

Justice showing his choppers

At 27-months Justice and Jasmine are developing quickly, but it doesn’t seem fast enough.  They cling to us like fly paper and they still do not fully understand everything we say.  They have their moments, but they are far from being independent.  They are still not potty trained and they only know about 60 words or so.  However, they are starting to put words together and making short sentences which is great! They are definitely smarter than I look lol.

If they get anything from us, they love to travel and experience new things.  Every time we go to new places they are like deers in the headlights.  Now they are starting to say, ‘car’, ‘outside’, and ‘shoes’ when they want to go out.  The weather has been good and the neighbor kids have been out so we enjoy taking them out to socialize.  For the most part, Justice and Jasmine are very friendly, except they don’t know how to ask for permission.  They have a looonng way to go.

Are we there yet?




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