Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

Multi-tasking Daddy

Well, the honeymoon is over.  After 5 months of being on family leave, Ebru is finally back to work. No more mini vacations or stay-cations in our backyard.  It’s back to reality.

Here’s how we’re managing:

  • Ebru shares her weekly schedule
  • I layer my schedule on top of hers
  • We get a babysitter to fill in during the critical hours of the week

Everything that we do depends on our availability and work schedules.  We can no longer plan ahead of time. We have to multi-task where we can because we do not know when we will have the time to do it in the near future.  This includes planning our meals, grocery shopping, and just about everything else.

Multi-tasking Daddy

Multi-tasking Daddy

I am often multi-tasking at work just to get things done quickly. Sometimes I am double booked with meetings.  In this picture I am on two different phone calls with one call in each ear piece.  While I am in my calls I do other things like return emails, pay bills, and coordinate the rest of the week.  When my hands are free I have Sophia in my lap either bouncing or feeding her.

I really don’t have a choice and we can’t afford a full-time babysitter. The money I am somewhat saving by not having to drive to work goes to the babysitter.

The time I save by not driving to work goes into working longer from home.  It just depends on when Ebru gets back from home.

We are lucky that it’s Summer time right now.  As far as meals are concerned, I can cook quick meals on the BBQ grill.  Ebru prepares her killer BBQ sauce the day or two before.  When she gets home then I can just throw the food on the grill at it’s done.

Basically, we are constantly moving, preparing, cleaning, and caring for the kids.  There is not really any free time anymore.  When we relax, then something suffers.

God help us and keep us sane!



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