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Help Has Arrived!

After months of agonizing we finally have some help with the kids.  Through this website called, ‘‘ we can hire babysitters at anytime. So far the girls that have helped us out have been great!  Very friendly and active young people. It’s just what we need to keep the kids busy at home while I work out of our home office.  I have been stressing out because there have been many times when the kids have interrupted me during conference calls.

It is embarrassing, to say the least, when you have to put your boss on mute because of the kids crying or laughing in the background.  Even though we don’t have the babysitters full-time, any little bit of help is valuable.  I have even managed to finish uncompleted projects around the house because of their help.  What’s great about is that they offer a full range of services including, pet, home, adults, seniors, and support for military families, as well as children.  Standard background checks are free of charge.  You can create job postings for the type of care that you need.  What’s cool is that you can look for help from providers in your immediate area code.

Now that we have a sitter, Justice and Jasmine can now do things I cannot normally do with them during the daytime such as walk them to the park, play with them in the backyard, and chase them throughout the house.  Since I am chained to my computer, it’s just not feasible all the time.  Even though there is a cost of hiring a sitter, the rewards and expressions of happiness on the kids are priceless.  I just wish I had more in our budget to have sitters care for them more often.

So if you are in the market for babysitters, I highly recommend going through



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