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FAQs on Sophia and the Family

Sophia relaxing

Sophia relaxing

Sophia is coming up on 8 weeks this week.  This will be my 4th week back at work.  Here are some FAQs on Sophia and the Family.  The next time someone asks, I can just say, go to lol.

How is Sophia doing?

She is doing great in that she is eating well, popping frequently, and somewhat sleeping through the night (knock on wood).  What’s not so good, at least for us, is that she is very colicky.  She cries every time you put her down.  You stand up, she’s OK. You sit down, she cries.  This makes doing stuff around the house almost impossible. We are hoping this will improve over the new few months.

We don’t remember having this challenge with Justice and Jasmine.  Nothing seems to work with Sophia. Not colic tablets, not gripe water, nothing except for holding and walking her around.

Justice happy

Justice happy

Thirsty Jasmine

Thirsty Jasmine

How is Justice and Jasmine getting along?

For the most part, Justice and Jasmine are fine with Sophia.  At first they were hesitant not knowing what to think of Sophia. Now they are OK. In fact most times they forget she’s even around.  The bad thing about that is that when it’s Sophia’s sleeping time, they are still yell and scream.  It will be a while until all three start to really play with each other.

How’s Ebru doing?

Ebru is recovering from her surgery well.  The only thing is that she is exhausted from carrying Sophia around all day.  When Sophia cries it is very taxing and stressful.  Usually when she cries there is a lot of other things going around in the house, i.e. Justice and Jasmine being demanding and dogs barking up a storm at the doorbell.  Once you change Sophia’s position in your arm, she goes crazy!

How am I doing?

Same as Ebru, exhausted.  While Ebru takes care of Sophia, I pretty much take care of everything else.  I usually take care of the kitchen, living room, den, and backyard.  Ebru normally manages the kid’s room and our room while holding Sophia under one arm like a football. I also try to buffer the kids from Ebru because they are very demanding.  Every 2 minutes they ask questions and want something.  I give the kids a shower most nights.  By the time I turn in I am dead tired.

Even though we have a lot of things going on I continue to plan for vacations, weekend get-a-ways, and anything that will enrich the life experiences of the kids.

It’s crazy, but it’s where I am today.  God help us all!



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