Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Rested Sophia

Sleep Deprivation

No thanks to Sophia almost everyone at home is suffering from sleep deprivation. Every 2 hours or less Sophia wakes up.  We normally go to sleep...

Multi-tasking Daddy

Multi-tasking Daddy

Well, the honeymoon is over.  After 5 months of being on family leave, Ebru is finally back to work. No more mini vacations or stay-cations in...

Baby Sophia

Welcome Sophia!

We’re finally back home after a long weekend at the hospital! We are happy to announce the birth of Sophia Miray Nispiros.  Born on Friday, 3/1/13...


I’m Only Human

This week was a true test to the limitations of my humanness. As much as I try to do everything, I know I can’t. Maybe it’s...

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

I don’t know how you veteran parents do it, but managing a household with kids isn’t easy.  If you’re a single parent, then you have an...

Fun never ends

Double Duty

I don’t know how you veteran parents did it, especially parents of multiples, but pulling double duty is hard! After a long day’s work coming home...


Payback is a bitch!

When I was a kid my mom pretty much did everything for me.  I wasn’t spoiled by any means but since I was the only kid...