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Payback is a bitch!



When I was a kid my mom pretty much did everything for me.  I wasn’t spoiled by any means but since I was the only kid in the house she just did whatever I asked to make me happy.  I wasn’t a very demanding kid, but I had standards lol.  Mom cooked, cleaned, did the dishes, etc.  I was pretty much not involved.  One, because she had a certain way of doing things and two, I didn’t know how to cook.

However, when I was about maybe 16-17 years old I started helping out by doing light kitchen work and making the rice for dinner.  When I got my driver’s license at 18 years old I was a little more useful to Mom.  I could drive her here and there and she seemed to like having a personal driver.  By the time she got used to my independence it was time for me to go away to school.  Even though I was only 2 hours away I didn’t come home as often as my mom liked.  I regret that.

Now that Mom is no longer with us and I have my own family I could see how all those things I hated to do are starting to come back to me.  Having kids is hard work.  I was just one so I wasn’t too much trouble.  But I have two and it’s double the work.  I am sure Mom is laughing at me now.

I may not be making rice anymore or doing the laundry, which was mindless anyway, but I’m pretty much doing everything else I did not like to do like cleaning the kitchen.  Justice and Jasmine as the messiest eaters I’ve ever seen.  Rice is scattered everywhere, their water bottles find their way to the floor, and whatever they eat is smashed on their faces.  To make things worse, they put their rice bowls on top of their heads and they think it’s funny.

What’s not funny is the clean up I have to do after dinner.  Have you ever picked up grains of cooked rice from hardwood floors? It’s not fun.  Newly cooked rice sticks to the floor and is sticky.  Everyday we seem to fill the dishwasher and we are just two adults and two toddlers.

The mess is just not limited to the kitchen.  The living and dining room are just as messy.  I don’t know how many times I hurt my back just picking up after them.  It’s a constant state of disarray.  When they are not making a mess they are jumping or climbing on furniture.  I can’t count the times they both have bumped their heads on the furniture or fell on the floor lol.

Mom is definitely laughing at me now and saying, “payback is a bitch” lol.



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