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Happy Birthday Mommy! (Restore)

Mommy's Birthday 2010

Mommy's Birthday 2010

Today is Ebru’s birthday!  Not only is it her birthday, but it’s her first birthday as a mommy.  Woo hoo!  Today we started the day with weekend ritual to Panera Bread.  All went well there.  We got to try out our new high chair covers.  They worked out perfectly!  Then we went back home where Jasmine and Justice had a power nap.

I was planning a surprise lunch for her at Scott’s Seafood on the River at 1PM today.  In order for us to meet our reservations we had to prepare Justice and Jasmine.  It takes coordination and planning for any outing.  Some of the activities include, find the right outfits, preparing the baby bag, and ensuring that everything we need is in the designated vehicle.  If we are going to be out for a couple of hours in a public place, then we have to make sure they are feed well and changed.  The last thing we need is a hungry smelly baby at a nice restaurant.

Surprisingly our preparation paid off!  Justice and Jasmine were as well behaved as they can be.  Here’s a video of them at the table enjoying the day.

They even made it through dessert.  This is rare and definitely a great gift for Ebru on her birthday.  I just hope it’s a positive trend moving forward.




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