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17-Months and Counting (Restore)

This has to be the longest 17-months ever! Justice and Jasmine have been great in some respects such as eating, keeping occupied with each other, and learning new sounds.  At the same time, these great things are negatively amplified when they are hungry, tired, or grumpy.

Jasmine has always been a better eater.  She’s not as picky and she knows how to open her mouth and eat from a spoon.  Justice is not as skilled at eating, yet.  He opens his mouth half as wide and only eats what is at the tip of the spoon.  When they are full or pre-occupied, then food goes everywhere!  This is where Minik and Candy come in.  They have a field day picking up after Justice and Jasmine.  It makes our clean up job a little easier, sort of.

They are finally getting better about playing with each other.  They love hide and seek.  When they don’t play with each other, then they are two Tasmanian Devils reeking havoc everywhere!  By the time I get home, there is paper, toys, and DVDs scattered all over the living room.  It’s like a tornado hit our home.

Monkey see, monkey do!  They are starting to mimic things they see on TV or things we do.  It’s kinda funny watching Justice trying to whistle with his fingers like Woody in Toy Story 2 whistling for the dog lol.  Jasmine tries to copy him.  They like to say, ‘hi’, ‘bye’, and ‘no’ a lot.  These are good skills to have. However, when they are tired, their cries make Minik and Candy howl! Seriously.

Their sleep is inconsistently getting better.  Sounds weird, but their good nights are starting to out number their bad nights.  Of course there are things out of our control like teething and gas.  But on the days when they are feeling good and they have a full tummy of food, they sleep is more restful.

Speaking of teeth, how on Earth does someone brush kid’s teeth?  What a challenge every night.  We are just hoping their teeth don’t become jacked up like their dad.  I was telling Ebru, that mine are messed up in some places because my mom couldn’t afford braces back in the day.

Stay tuned for my next post when I talk about finances (again).

Here is Justice and Jasmine on their 17-month birthday taken December 31, 2010.



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