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A Day in the City (Restore)

Last weekend we had a wonderful time in San Francisco.  It was the first time Justice and Jasmine got to visit Grandma at her resting place and the first time that Ebru got a chance to hook up with her friend Filiz from Turkey.

Our road trip started from Elk Grove.  It was our first time using our new car seats long distance.  Note to self – Justice and Jasmine are not yet ready to sit in the back by themselves.  Take the truck next time and Ebru to sit in the back to entertain them.  Before leaving Elk Grove, we had to stop for gas, pocket money, and Jamba Juice.

The traffic wasn’t too bad considering it was the weekend.  We had left much later than we wanted, but we were determined to go to the City.  After about 2 1/2 hours of laughing, crying, and sleeping, Justice and Jasmine got safely to Mom’s site.

We gave Mom some flowers, said a few prayers, and let Justice and Jasmine hang out for awhile.  As usual the weather in Colma, CA was a little damp for their little bodies, so we couldn’t stay too long.  This was their first visit to Grandma, not including the visit when they were still in mommy’s tummy.  Speaking of mommy, here is Ebru and Jasmine trying to stay warm.

After our final prayers and diaper changes we headed out to lunch.  What’s great about Mom’s site is that it is very close to Max’s Chicken.  We just HAD to stop there.

After our heavy yet satisfying lunch we headed back to the City to meet up with Ebru’s friend Filiz.  Filiz, her husband and family were staying in the City to watch the SF Giants play.  Luckily for Ebru, Filiz stayed behind so we can chat and take a walk to nearby Chinatown.

Chinatown was busy with tourists and locals as usual.  My main goal was to get out of Chinatown with at least some pork buns, sesame rolls, and rice cakes.  Mission accomplished!  We then headed back to Filiz’s room to wind down before our trip back to Sac.

Justice and Jasmine had a lot of stored up energy from sitting all day.  It was hard to contain them at the apartment, but good for us because we were hoping for a more peaceful ride back.

All in all it was a good day.  It was great visiting mom and Filiz and just great being back in the City, which I have missed.  We’ll be back . . .

Here’s a little video of our day in the City.



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