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Double Duty

Fun never ends

Fun never ends

I don’t know how you veteran parents did it, especially parents of multiples, but pulling double duty is hard! After a long day’s work coming home to demanding toddlers is no easy task.

There is no mental and physical break between work and the kids.  Just when you think you could relax, maybe have a stiff drink after work, or go for a nice run, you can’t.  Double duty calls.

This was definitely something I did not expect when having kids.  It all seemed more simple in my mind, but the reality is is that parenting is a full-time job. These first 2 years is and has been demanding.  It’s taken its toll on the whole family, including our pets Minik and Candy. Poor things hardly get played with and forget about going outside.

Without family to help and no baby sitter to lend a hand, parenting requires our full attention. Looking back, we could have done a lot of things to prepare for this family, none of which we did.

We could have:

– Lived closer to family that could help
– Stabilized our finances
– Build closer ties with other parents
– Discussed how to load-balance simple home chores/responsibilities

Since we did not fully prepare for parenthood, we are now feeling the effects of our non-planning. So for those of you contemplating parenthood, don’t get caught up in the moment or the fantasy of having a family.  There is so much more to consider then just changing diapers, feeding, and caring for your children.  Without proper planning your fantasy could turn into a nightmare.

Obviously, I do not have the answers for anyone, but if I could start over again I would be more diligent in planning for my family, not just parenthood. But now that I am here in the position that I am in, I just have to move forward and live with it. There is no regrets, only a gosh darn moment.

What I am hoping for now is everyone in our household to do their fair share of household responsibilities, including Justice and Jasmine.  At some point they are going to have to learn how to clean up after themselves.  Minik and Candy will have to learn to throw up on the tile and not the hardwood floor. For all other chores, whatever is left undone, will have to be left for the other person to do. Whatever toy is left on the floor or dish left in the living room is left for the remaining parent to clean up. The mentality or excuse of being too busy, is long gone.  Double duty applies to all!

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