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Stay Home Dad

This is a continuation from my post on Daddy Day Care.  It’s been a full week that Ebru has gone to work and I have been left with Justice and Jasmine alone. At this point we have not gotten a sitter or put them in any sort of day care. From a cost prospective, we just can’t do it right now.  While trying to manage our expenses here’s what I’ve noticed about these two.

Jasmine, who previously was on ‘mommy’s milk’ full-time, has adjusted to just having milk in a bottle.  This is a huge step for her and for us.  While she still gets ‘mommy’s milk’ at night, at least she’s not dependent on it during the day. To make it interesting I stir in some Chocolate Quik Syrup.

Finally Asleep

Finally Asleep

Earlier this week Jasmine didn’t sleep during the day, but I am guessing that’s because she is not comforted by Ebru. At the time of this writing, however, she happened to just fall asleep at my feet on the floor.  She did this yesterday also and was out for over 2 hours.

Jasmine also has selective hearing.  If I ask her to do something or even ask her a question, she will ignore me.  But if I have food or a toy in my hand, she pays attention lol.

Justice on the other hand surprises me everyday.  The times I have asked him to put his toys away or pick up bottles from the floor, he did it!  At least one of them is listening.

Justice is also more consistent with his sleeping schedule.  Anytime between 1:30-2:30 he’ll take his afternoon nap.  He’ll sleep for an hour or more.

New haircut

New haircut

He continues to show us his sensitive side.  If he senses any sadness from anyone, he’ll pat them on the back with an expression on his face like ‘everything will be fine’.  On the other side of the coin, he is more sensitive when we get upset at him.  He yells and flails his arms. He’ll walk around with a sad look with his head down and throw or kick anything in his path. Must be a guy thing lol.

Justice is happiest when he is rested and has a full tummy. He does his happy dance and all the world is good.

As far as I’m concerned it’s getting better in a lot of ways.  Their tantrums and other things are manageable.  I can let them cry most times.  I either have more patience or I am more numb.  Not sure which one it is but I think I’ll be ok.



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