Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

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Multi-tasking Daddy 0

Multi-tasking Daddy

Well, the honeymoon is over.  After 5 months of being on family leave, Ebru is finally back to work. No more mini vacations or stay-cations in...

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How I’d Like To Be Remembered

Caveat – First of all, nothing is wrong (knock on wood).  This is only for future reference. But who knows, I could get hit by a...

Me, Ebru, Serene, Rich 0

We Are Family

This past Holiday was better than I expected. Every year we rotate where we spend the holidays. Thanksgiving was at my brother Rich’s house.  Christmas Eve...

At the Legion of Honor 0

SF Day Trip

Here are some pictures of our day trip to San Francisco from July. Testing out the new gallery slider plugin. You can click on a random...

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Cabo San Lucas 2011

Our first vacation of the year was to Cabo San Lucas.  I consider this our first vacation because we took a plane out of the country....

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A Day in the City (Restore)

Last weekend we had a wonderful time in San Francisco.  It was the first time Justice and Jasmine got to visit Grandma at her resting place...

At the beach, FL. 0

Back from the Bahamas (Restore)

Hi All, Sorry I have not responded to your comments. Just got back from the Bahamas and am now finally settling down. We left last Saturday...