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New Seats

New Seats

We recently swapped out our Graco travel system car seats with new Britax Boulevard seats. Let me tell you, so far they have made a world of difference as far as Justice and Jasmine’s overall comfort and mood.

First of all, the Graco seats were getting too small. They always seem to get fussy after about 10-15 mins (unless they fall asleep) and it would always seem to get them hot, like the material was not breathable enough. Lastly, the seats were rear facing. There was nothing we could do about this. It was required because of their height and age and of course for their safety.

However, now that they are almost a year old and over 20 lbs, they can now sit facing forward. This is how we set up the new Britax seats. When I say seats, I don’t just mean the two seats for Justice and Jasmine, but I also mean the extra pair of cars seats, one set for the truck and one set for the mini-van. Yes, kids are expensive!

I realize that it is safer to keep them rear facing as long as possible, but it is very hard on us to keep them entertained. Their crying and fussiness are sometimes unbearable. In an enclosed vehicle, their cries amplify in stereo surround sound.

Now that they are forward facing, they have a whole new world ahead of them. They can look outside, they don’t get motion sickness from being rear facing, and most of all, they can now watch their favorite DVDs while traveling. This alone keeps them quite and entertained. Thank God!

When we had the Graco seats, Ebru would have to sit in back and entertain them. It was a tight squeeze for her. We couldn’t take the mini-van because there was no middle seat. The mini-van middle row seats are two captain chairs and not a bench seat like the truck. So now we have the option to take either vehicles when traveling. In this economy, it’s definitely going to be the mini-van.

I highly recommend the Britax Boulevard seats or any of their products because of their overall quality and features. The Boulevard in particular has adjustable headrests and very smart strap adjustments that make it so much easier to take them in and out of the seats. You can see from these pictures how comfortable they are. They are living room chairs. They even use the armrests like grown ups. Let’s just hope they don’t outgrow these seats anytime soon.



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