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Birthday Bash! (Restore)

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Jasmine and Justice’s 1st birthday is here and gone. We celebrated their big day at home with just a few good friends and family. I am sure they will not remember what happened and who was there, but take it from us, they had a good day.

First of all we’d like to thank everyone that came to the party. We appreciate their attendance and their very generous gifts. Nothing makes them more happy than new toys and lots of clothes.

This was one of the few times they have skipped two naps lol. Since it was their big day, they were entitled to it. We started the party about 2PM and friends and family trickled in. We served barbecue short ribs, teriyaki chicken, marinated tri-tip and all the usual side dishes. We basically made everything ourselves compared to the catering that we normally arrange.

We didn’t have any kids games cause they were pretty busy being entertained by everyone else. It was a temporary relief for us, but it was still hard work being hosts. We don’t hold too many parties so we are still inexperienced in knowing how to entertain people.

Jasmine and Justice had a great time playing with our neighbor Robert who is about a year older. Justice tries to talk to him, but he can only gesture with his hands and screams when he is excited. Jasmine is pretty independent since she is still mastering her walking skills.

We broadcasted the party on the internet using Livestream. This gave our other friends access to the party. You can access the link to see an archive of the party. We also have it here on Nispiros Portal as a widget on the sidebar.

We sang ‘Happy Birthday’, opened gifts, then basically wined down until all the guests left. It was a good day. We are thinking for next year we will celebrate their birthday outside the home like at the park or some other fun place. They will be more mobile and hopefully will be talking by then.

J & J with Leah

J & J with Leah



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