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Wear It Well (Restore)

Through out my adulthood I have always tried to keep up with fashion. It was sort of an experiment. There was some styles that were just too much to carry and others just too darn expensive. After awhile I got tired keeping up and just decided to pick one style and go with it.

George Clooney

George Clooney

I decided that the Classics was going to be my style. By classics I mean picking out clothes that never go out of style. There are some pieces of clothing that every guy should have. Everything after that is just fluff.

Classics doesn’t mean expensive either. I am talking about jeans, white t-shirt, black slip-ons, and a navy pea coat. I am talking about a basic black dial watch with leather strap and a basic black leather belt. This isn’t anything fancy, but with this set up you will never be out of style.

Classic doesn’t mean boring. Classic means having the basics so you can build upon it and make it your own. It means having a white dress shirt with french cuff and accessorizing with mother of pearl and sterling silver cuffs. It means adding to a foundation that is already a fashion statement.

Patterns and colors are also an important consideration when picking out Classic styles. You have to find out what best suits you. You have to take a close look at yourself and see what best suits your body type, skin color, eye color, etc. When you find the right combination of clothes and styles, you can accentuate your God given gifts.

Regardless of the style you choose, pick a style that you are comfortable and confident with. Your style could be sweats pants and an Old Navy t-shirt shirt (or just a thong), but if you wear it with style and with confidence, then you could probably get away with just about anything.

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