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Happy 3 Months! (Restore)



Well I wish I could honestly say it has been a happy 3 months.  It’s been more like a tiring 3 months if you ask me.  We are still waiting for things to get better as friends and strangers would say.  The timeline of improvement always seems so far away.  Some people say after 3 months, some say after 4, other after 6 and others even longer.

We know we’ve had plenty of happy moments that’s for sure.  But those happy moments are always surrounded by days of challenges of raising two babies at the same time.  We’ve come to understand that there is nothing wrong with our babies crying.  The problem is that we don’t have enough people to take care of them.  Ebru only has two arms and can only focus her attention on one baby at a time.  Unfortunately, her attention is not 50/50 like we thought or wish it could be.  Most days it’s 60/40 with Justice taking all the attention.

When they are not crying we have a lot of fun!  In the morning we laugh, sing, and talk!  And boy can they talk!  We don’t know what they are saying, but they are sure talking up a storm.  Jasmine talks so much that she sounds almost cartoonish, even like ET.  Justice trying to over power the conversation just by talking louder and faster.  We feel they will be competitive with each other when they are older.

We thought that their extra drool was them trying to talk too much.  After our doctor visit yesterday, he believes that they may be teething.  Oh no another thing.  God help us!

I have to make this short cause Justice will wake up any minute now.  When he wakes up, he does it with a vengeance especially if no one is there right then and there at that moment, LOL.

Here they are at 3 months.





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