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Holiday Blues

As much as there is to be thankful for, there are also things to be sad about during the Holidays.  In our case, it will be our first Christmas without talking to Dad on the phone. It will also be Justice and Jasmine’s third Christmas on this Earth and a third year that we don’t have much to give them. Sad but true.

Ideally, it would be great to end the year with a lot of fortune such as a full refrigerator and our pantry over flowing, but that’s just not the case.  Like everyone else we struggle to put food on the table while trying to maintain a decent standard of living. It’s hard to have both and our needs will always overcome our wants.

In this situation it’s even harder to put a smile on our face, something that does not cost a dime but should come from within.  Smiling would mean some sort of happiness.  It’s easier to be truthful and not smile at all.  There are, however, moments when we are forced to smile even laugh.

The other day, I got upset at Justice and he looked so darn cute that Ebru had no choice but to laugh.  Justice took this laughing as a bad thing and started to cry as if to say, ‘you’re not on my side Mom, you’re not supposed to laugh at me when Dad is mad’.  Justice just points at Ebru and says, ‘no, no, no’.

Jasmine does the same thing.  When she tries to share something with you and you reject her offering her smile turns into the most adorable pout.  You just have to smile and cry at the same time lol.

So while we have family and financial worries, we can’t hide our happiness with our kids.  They seem to wash our Holiday Blues away for that moment in time.  We thank them for that.

Here they are well over 2-years old now.  They are my reason for smiling.



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