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Daddy’s Helpers

To Justice and Jasmine,

In another 4 weeks we’ll have a new addition to the family.  Everyone will be busy.  Mom will be recovering, which means almost everything will have to be done by you and me.  I will be relying on you more.  I know you can do it.  If you can pull up your own diapers, put your toys away, and clean up your room, then I know you can do more.  Daddy (and Mommy) will need your help.

Justice in Old Sac

Justice in Old Sac

For starters, continue to clean up after yourselves.  Put your toys away when you’re not using them.  Turn off the TV and lights when you leave the room.  Put your milk bottles and food bowls on the table when you are done. Eat all your food without us having to spoon feed you.  Then put yourselves to sleep when it is night-night time.  You know the drill.

Then you can help by playing quietly and by learning how to use the remote controls.  We can’t keep changing the channels or movies every 23 minutes.  You will need to know how to do this yourselves. Just don’t rent any Apple TV movies or anything that cost money.

If you want milk, get it yourselves just don’t make a mess in the kitchen.  You’re strong enough to open the refrigerator, just be smart enough to not leave the door open and play with the food inside.  Get what you need then close the door.

Jasmine at the park

Jasmine at the park

Continue to use the bathroom by yourselves.  I don’t need to tell this to Jasmine.  Justice, you still have a long way to go.  Stop playing in the sink.  Wipe and wash, then get out.  You’re wasting water! You’re good at everything else, just learn how to do ‘number 2’.  If you do, then you will have some nice toys waiting for you.

Jasmine, you can help more by dressing yourself.  Before you go to sleep have your princess clothes ready for the next morning. In fact, have a second dress ready in case you change your mind.  We all know how you like to change your outfits throughout the day.

We’ll play the rest by ear.  For now, please help when and where you can.

Love Daddy (and Mommy)

A Day in Old Sac

A Day in Old Sac from Rolando Nispiros on Vimeo.



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