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Little Monsters



Don’t let their cute toddler looks fool you.  When it’s quiet for more than 2 minutes, something is definitely wrong lol.  Leaving them to multi-task is a risk you take with twins.  I need a third eye when putting in a load of laundry or when taking out the trash.  Just because I leave them at the kitchen table strapped to their seats doesn’t mean they are safe.  Many things can and have gone wrong.

For some reason when we are not around they loose their minds.  At the table weird things have happen such as Justice banging his head at the corner of the table because he can’t yet judge distance.  Jasmine will forget she has a spoon and use her hands to scoop up rice.  Unfortunately, the rice rarely ends up in her mouth when one of us is not around.  Both will take a swig of water and spit it out for fun.  The challenge at the table is that they both feed each off each other when it comes to play. They have that twin connection when it comes to causing trouble.

I still don’t understand it, but I don’t see the fun in playing with non-toys.  Shopping bags, empty paper towel holders, and storage boxes are all fair game to them.  You should see how many toys they have and still they get bored with them.  What’s frustrating for us is cleaning up after the mess.  Ripped magazines and books, a sea of Lego blocks throughout the house, you name it. You really can’t take your eyes off of them for a minute. As much as I would like them to be kids, I still want a livable environment for adults.  I don’t want to have to step on toys in the middle of the night or replace furniture that is no longer available.

The only peace and quiet we get is when they watch their favorite movie or when they are asleep.  The peace, however, does not last too long.  As kids their attention span is pretty short.  They will leave to grab a toy, get some milk, or do something else not to our liking lol.  During the daytime they sleep up to 2-3 hours if I am lucky. I usually use this time to catch up with sleep or do work.  My sleep, however, is never a deep sleep.  Mentally, I am always listening for them through the baby monitor or through the wall.  The last thing we want is for one of them to wake the other.  If they wake up at the same time, the nightmare begins.  The vicious cycle begins again.



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2 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    LOL that’s why I am so not ready for kids! Jasmine is so beautiful, there is no way that angel could be any trouble :P lol. I know it’s tough but it looks like you 2 are doing a great job :) Enjoy the rest of the week!

    • nispiros says:

      Haha, Jasmine’s an Angel if wolf’s clothing lol. You’ll do great as a parent, just don’t be having two or more at the same time.

      Have a great week too! I think we need it!