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Scary Jasmine
Scary Jasmine

In the past we used to let the kids watch television via the iPad at the kitchen table.  Back then it was a way for Ebru and I to get some quiet time and it distracted the kids so they would also quite down.  But now that they are 3 their vocabulary has increased and now they really can’t stop talking lol.

The weird thing about it is that we like to hear them talk, especially to each other.  It is so darn cute.  Listen to their conversation in the following video. The video is posted on my Facebook album.  Notice they way Justice talks lol.  Like he has food in mouth.

Scary Justice
Scary Justice

We find their conversations so entertaining that we stopped watching TV at the table now.  They are more humorous than anything that’s on.

They are talking about how Jasmine scares Justice in his room and what he does in the morning.  Of course when they talk to us, every other word is ‘why?’.  I’m so tired of answering, but I do it anyway. Usually my answers result in more ‘why?’ questions.

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