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New Milestones (Restore)

Shopping at Costco

Shopping at Costco

Jasmine and Justice are nearly 11 months old. It’s an exciting yet challenging time in our household. They are starting to stand and to make baby steps. They are also teething. The combination of their excitement of them standing with the pain of their teething makes for a confusing environment.

We were there when Justice took his first steps. We were overjoyed and he screamed with happiness. He was standing next to our DVD rack when he got up, without holding anything, then took 2 side steps. That was a week ago. Yesterday, he was standing in the middle of the living room and took about 8 steps towards me. He would have walked further but Minik and Jasmine where standing in his way lol.

Jasmine is getting there. So far she is standing without support. She just needs to take a step or two. We think that she’ll be on her own and walking in about 2 weeks.

Now that they are more mobile they are less frustrated. They can freely go from one room to another. This has been a big help for us. However, they are only happy when they have a full tummy AND when someone is in the room with them. If they are left alone, then they go after us and most times cry. If they are totally absorbed in play, then they are ok with being left alone, at least until they notice that they are by themselves.

On another positive note, they have started to play and laugh together. It’s not consistent, but at least they have started. They mostly interact with each other at night right before their bath. They love crawling through this toy shaped like a tunnel. They also love their new toy which we got a Once Upon A Child. It’s a standing toy and it has this microphone that amplifies through the built in speaker as well as other stuff around it.

We have also changed the way we give them a bath. We used to wash them in a plastic tub over the kitchen sink. This week we have started to bathe them in our master bedroom tub. They sit in this plastic seat that attaches to the side of the tub. They are still getting used to this new method. It’s a bit more challenging for us because we have to kneel down and do a lot of reaching around to get water, toys, and soaps.

Their sleep is still inconsistent. At best Justice wakes up once a night. For Jasmine maybe twice. Could be that their body is going through changes. Teething doesn’t help.

Justice has two bottom teeth and his two top teeth are coming out. Jasmine has one and half teeth coming out. I say one and half because it’s really two, but the second one is half the size of the one next to it lol.

They continue to eat more solid food. We feed them our food like stewed carrots, potato soup and anything that is mashable in their mouths. Here they are at our favorite local eatery Panera Bread.

This month’s milestone of standing, walking, and playing together has been a sigh of relief for us. We now have hope that things will get better.




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