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Lake Francis Camping

Last weekend we went camping with some friends from high school.  It was Justice and Jasmine’s second time.  The first time they went camping was September last year.  It was dry camping, meaning no hook ups.  Lake Francis Resort was a lot more civilized.  We had full hook ups and there were people everywhere.

There is something about being outdoors that drives these two crazy!  When they are in the trailer it’s playtime 24/7.  When they are outdoors, it’s a whole new adventure.  It’s like unleashing them after years of home prison lol.  So long as they have fun, that’s all that matters to us.  Our friends made the whole trip.  I sometimes forget how ‘my people’ are so hospitable and generous.  It was one of the few times I felt safe leaving Justice and Jasmine in someone else’s care even if it was only for a minute.

We noticed a few things about this trip.  First Justice and Jasmine are much taller than 10 months ago.  When they jump up and down on the bed their heads now hit the underside of the bunk bed.  They are faster runners.  Before they barely ran and it was easier to catch them.  Now they run as fas as I do lol.  They are more interested in other kids and socializing, even Jasmine.  They are a little better about helping around the RV site, but they do tend to wander more.  They are more curious than before.  They touch everything and climb anything they can throw their leg over.  It is constant work and constant no, no, no lol.

But at the end of the day it is all worth it for their smiles and laughter.  I hope that they remember these early days.  They have surely done a lot in their few years of existence.  At nearly 2-years old they’ve done more than what I’ve done at their age.   May God give me the strength and the means to continue providing for them and their future.  Here is a short video of our camping trip.  It does have sound so turn up your speakers just a tad.



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