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Birsen Visits the US

Week of July 17

Ebru’s friend Birsen is in town for 2 weeks.  She is visiting us all the way from Istanbul, Turkey.  While she’s here we will be showing her the local sights and sounds.  Birsen didn’t appear to have any jet-lag so we brought her to SixFlags after her second day with us.

Here is our video of our day at the park.

A Day at Six Flags from Rolando Nispiros on Vimeo.

She has been a great help to us around the house and with Justice and Jasmine.  We appreciate any help we can get.  As a treat to everyone, we went to PinkBerry last night.  Stay tuned for other video and pictures of her stay with us.

Birsen and Ebru

Birsen and Ebru

Our quick trip to Old Sacramento on 7/21/11.

Here we are touring Napa and St. Helena on 7/23/11.



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