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If Grandpa Could See You Now (Restore)

One of the toughest things about our situation is being away from our parents.  Ebru’s family is in Istanbul and my dad is in the Philippines.  Both sides of the family are just too far.  We do what we can to bring our families closer to Justice and Jasmine.

Last Christmas we sent my dad a portable DVD player and a movie of Justice and Jasmine’s first 5 Months.  He loved it and we plan to send him more DVDs.  Since then dad has called every weekend.  Here’s a small clip of dad talking to me with Justice and Jasmine listening in the background.

We hope that someday they will get to meet dad, but it’s not too hopeful.  Dad is no longer a spring chicken and Justice and Jasmine are just too young to travel.  We’ll have to see how things are a year or so from now.  For now at least they will know what dad sounds like.

Here’s is what he looked like when he had hair lol.  Even I don’t remember him looking like this lol.  Here’s me and Justice for comparison.  I don’t think we look alike, at least not in these pictures.

Ebru calls her family every couple of weeks and they get to hear Justice and Jasmine playing/crying in the background.  We’ll be sending them some DVDs too.  Ebru’s brother, Bahadir sent them these cool jumper toys the shape of cars.  We finally got them last month.  We thought they were lost in the mail.

It would be really cool of both our families had a computer and web cam.  Then they could see Justice and Jasmine in real time.  Instead we have to print out pictures and send them through the mail the old-fashion way.

How about Ebru and Jasmine, do you think they look alike?








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