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Hello God? (Restore)

Praying Hands

Praying Hands

Since Jasmine and Justice were born I think I have spoken to God more times than I could count on their little fingers and toes.  For now it’s been more of a one-way conversation.  I’m not asking for the world.  I’m asking for simple things like:

  • God please ease Jasmine and Justice’s pain so they can stop crying
  • God please make them sleep through out the night
  • God please make Jasmine and Justice quiet so we can have a peaceful meal
  • God please help Minik and Candy understand that we are not ignoring them.  We just have other priorities.
  • God please give us rest and nourishment so we can better take care of Jasmine and Justice
  • God please continue protect them from harm, evil, and danger (and the flu and H1N1)

I believe he’s heard me, but we’re still looking for that ahh moment.  Friends and strangers say it’s get better after 4 to 6 months.  So far it’s been about 3 month and 2 weeks now.

I know God is waiting to give his answer in HIS time, not ours.  But we wish he’d prioritize ours higher on his list.  We are struggling with their day-to-day care.

Justice alone is like having to take care of two babies because of the attention he needs.  Jasmine, as of late, has been more fussy.

For Justice, you can’t put him down for a second to even sneeze.  It’s unbelievable and unfair that we can’t put him down before he looses attention.  We hope that this is not a long term issue.  I guess parenting at this stage is one of the most difficult.

Jasmine has been crying from her gut with tears.  But when we pick her up she stops crying  Justice cries for attention (no tears) and Jasmine cries.  Well she just cries.  It’s not colic.  We just don’t have enough arms to hold them and sometimes the strength to carry them all day.

Their best time of the day is still the morning when they get up.  They smile and laugh more.  Take a look at this video.  They talk like crazy too!

What’s new this month is that we have put Justice in the baby room at night.  This way they are separated and don’t wake each other.   We notice he sleeps longer, but still not through the night.  We are also trying to get them strong enough to start crawling and/or standing.  They are close, but not results yet.

Hello God?  A little help please.





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