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Justice Raw! (Restore)



For the last several month Ebru and I have been making a game of what traits Justice and Jasmine have from one of us.  As far as looks Jasmine looks just like Ebru at her age.  Justice has a mark on his left ear, exactly where I have mine.  The list goes on and on.

One bad trait the Justice has gotten from me is eczema. I have a mild case of it.  I keep it under control by taking fish oil and flax seed pills.  If it ever gets out of hand then I have to bust out with Calamine lotion and Benadryl pills.  For the last week Justice’s eczema has increasing gotten worse.  In some areas of his back and buttocks, he has scratched himself raw!

Today we decided to visit the doctor.  We read up on dry skin and eczema pamphlets while we were waiting.  Based on what we read we have been doing everything it suggests.  We finally got to see the doctor and he provide his solution.

We have to change it up and do something different.  Eczema cream and Calamine lotion was obviously not working.  He recommended using ointment like Vaseline as well as hydro-cortisone.   The best thing about his recommendation was the use of oral medication, which is Benadryl.  We never bought it because they don’t make a toddler version.  It’s only recommended for kids ages 2 and up.  In our case, we have his recommendation to take it, but only 1/2 a teaspoon.

Tonight is the first time we are using all these products.  We’re hoping for a miracle because Justice has been miserable.  He scratches his back against the back of his chair like a bear scratches his back against a tree.  It’s not a pretty sight.

He didn’t look too uncomfortable in the waiting room today.  Jasmine was very patient sitting with mommy.  They are little troopers when they want to be lol.




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