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Parenthood 101 (Restore)

It’s only been 2 months into parenthood and we’re burnt!  Grandma left last Saturday so this is the first week that we have had Jasmine and Justice to ourselves.  It’s been challenging to say the least.  I have a new appreciation for mothers, especially mothers of multiples.

This whole parent thing is underrated.  For us it means:

  • Unpredictable sleeping schedules – although they have been sleeping a little longer, we still need or would like at least 8 hours of sleep.  Right now they sleep 3-5 hours straight.  Last weekend was a treat, Justice slept about 8 hours.  We’d like to see more of that on a consistent basis.
  • Buffering them from each other – this is one of the most challenging things of taking care of multiples.  When one cries, it is hard to buffer one from the other.  Try feeding one baby who is crying while another is trying to sleep. I tried this many times and it’s not easy.  You also have to be physically strong to manage two babies on you at the same time.
  • Managing solicitors and pets – there is never a good time for solicitors.  Whether it be the UPS person or a Jehovah Witness,  ringing our door bell is not recommended.  Minik and Candy are terrors when it comes to door bell rings or knocks on the door.  They bark their head off like someone is strangling them. Of course, that wakes up Jasmine and Justice and that is never fun.  Then the whole putting to sleep process starts all over over, which could take hours.
  • Crash diet – with two infants to manage, we actually do not have time to cook and clean like we used to.  We have resorted to take out food.  This is not the healthiest or most economical idea, but it sure is the fastest.  If we do get a chance to eat together, it’s no more than 10 minutes.  If have to eat in a hurry to get to the first baby that cries.  I’m sure this is not healthy for us.
  • Coordinating appointments – no longer do have the luxury of scheduling personal appointments at the same time.  One of us has to be with them at all times.  We can’t just let them be.  They need constant attention when they are awake.  They are not like our Minik and Candy where we could leave them alone with just the TV on and a bowl of water.  At least not yet.
  • Thinking ahead – when most people just go to sleep, we have to think about the next day.  We prepare bottles of formula and breast milk, make sure all towels, and clothes are washed, dishes and everything put away, because we know that tomorrow is another long day.  We can’t just run out the door even to go to Target or the grocery store.  Every thing is planned in advance

However, at the end of the day we have something to show for our efforts of parenthood.  We hope our sacrifices and labor of love pays off in the end.  We know we’re blessed, we’re just too tired to feel it right now.

Under the weather

Under the weather



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