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Today’s Kid Parties

I remember growing up when kid parties were always at their parent’s homes or relative’s houses. As I grew older parties were still in homes, but instead of living rooms and bedrooms it turned into garage parties or backyard parties. I guess back then house parties were more convenient and economical. Relatives would also come over and help with the cooking or even bring food over. However, times have changed.

Ever since our kids have been growing up parties have rarely been in homes. Now, everyone is invited to a jumpy warehouses, arcade areas, or restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese. Relatives still come, but without food, just gifts and helping hands.

With parents so busy now-a-days no one has the time to cook, clean, and prepare for a party. It is so much easier to pick up the phone and reserve a place and have food catered or ordered at the party place itself. There is no cleanup involved, all you have to do is show up.

Leveraging today’s technology, you could even text parents to the party, then they can Google the address and bam, they are there. You can text them gift ideas, send thank you’s, and store their information for the next party. This has made planning and attending parties somewhat easier.

I think the only time there is an actual ‘house’ get together is when it is a baby shower or just when the baby is, well, still a baby. Other than that it seems as kids gets older, everything is outside of the house. I personally like house parties because then you are sort of forced to talk to people and the environment is more intimate in a social sense. I still like to connect with people.

When you are at an outside setting, everything is timed. Jumpy house, arcades, and the like all have certain time limits. You need to be there at a certain time and out by ‘x’ time. At a house party, the party starts when people arrive and ends when people leave.

My oldest daughter had her first sleep over recently. At 9 years old I was a little nervous. Had it been some other parents we didn’t know for the last 9 years, then it would have been a definite ‘no’. She had a great time and we kept in touch via text. Since that day she has been Facetiming with her friend almost daily.

Not sure what kind of party will be next, but I guess at this point nothing should surprise me. It’s definitely not like the good ole days though.



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