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Mother’s Day 2019

Ebru on Mother’s Day

This year we had a nice simple Mother’s Day. Started with a nice breakfast, then everyone kicked back until it was time to get ready for lunch at Old Sacramento. I started off by saying ‘simple’ because every year this always pressure for the family to think of new and creative ways to show our appreciation to our mom of the house, my wife Ebru.

The commercialism of Mother’s Day doesn’t take off any pressure either. There are commercials for jewelry, clothes, fancy dinners, etc. When you’re on a budget like we are, then we have to resort to more simpler ‘surprises’, e.g. hand made cards, dinner at home. We didn’t go all out this year, but did have a nice lunch at Rio City Cafe overlooking the Sacramento River and a view of the Tower Bridge.

It was our second time at Rio City Cafe. The first time we ate there was with friends a couple of years ago. I decided to go back for the nice view. The food was good and service this time was just ok. When we go there they seated us outside in a location that was not covered by any shade or umbrella. We were basically melting in the 80 degree plus weather. It took about 15-20 mins on this busy Mother’s Day.

The best thing about the cafe, however, is it’s location. Other than a scenic view of the river, it is in Old Sacramento, which is a fun place to just walk around and see the sights. They have unique stores, various types of restaurants, museums, house buggy rides, train rides, boat rides, candy stores, etc. Parking this day was $10 all day, which was good. We got in a good walk after the big lunch.

Dinner wasn’t as fancy, but it was good. I made some New York steaks seasoned with minced garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Then grilled them to perfection and served over a bed of Jasmine rice. For dessert our usual ice cream and a night of watching Game of Thrones.



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