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Fallen from Grace (Restore)

Jasmine and Justice

Jasmine and Justice

In a past life I thought I was doing everything right.  I prayed, I helped, and I did most things in the name of the Lord.  I say most things because I know I’m no angel lol.  But I would say I was closer to God.  In this life, I’m closer to God for the wrong reasons.  I take his name in vain, I expect God to help us out in good times and bad because of my past performance.  But I guess HE doesn’t see it that way.  But my question is why take it out on our kids?

God, we just need a little help here.  I know we’re not supposed to pray for money, but why is it when I get money or expect money, it’s already falling out my pockets.  We are totally exhausted day after day, night after night, and we still don’t get a break.  How about a sign telling us what we are supposed to do.  Cause God, we don’t know what to do.

As you know we’ve been looking into daycare.  But at 900 bucks a pop, it’s going to be impossible!  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to need a second job.  As it is now we’re barely making it.  We’ve cut back as far as we could.  A little help would be good here.

Justice still wakes up once or twice a night.  Jasmine even more.  Jasmine is still very dependent and on mommy’s milk at 18-months.  We’re like single parents taking care of each kid without breaks.  No one gets a break.  Why can’t you ease their pain so they can sleep through the night.  The more rested we are, the more energy we’ll have to better take care of them they way they should be and deserve.

We understand that it sometimes takes getting to the bottom before we can truly appreciate our graces.  But while we’re getting to the bottom our kids are also suffering.  Please help us out and don’t take it out on them.  If I did anything good in this life, then I want any good karma to go to our kids.

I may have fallen from Grace, but help me help you from preventing our kids from following my footsteps.  My path to you has never been straight, but I tried and continue to do so.  Hopefully my effort and good intentions mean something to you because it means something to us and when you don’t respond it just makes us frustrated and hopeless.

For the times that we felt you there, these were the precious moments we captured.  We hope it’s your will as it is ours to keep them safe from harm and danger.  We love them with all our hearts.  Give us the strength and resources to take care of them.




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