Father of twins plus one! I'm back after taking a 5 year break from blogging.

Taking a Social Media Break

I can’t tell you how long I have been on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it’s been while.  I know I have been here as long as they have.  I have no regrets on catching up with family and long time friends.  Just didn’t realize they would be sharing so much of themselves that I didn’t know.  I have definitely shared more of myself through their posts.

Lately, I have been jumping on social media, making comments or ‘Likes’, then going back to my real life.  The problem of course is that because I am on and off so quickly, my comments are not always well thought out. That quickness leaves the impression that I am disconnected and comments are less heartfelt.

I should really get my phone’s Screen Time to zero, if anything.

This needs to go down

With this in mind, I really should just step out of the social media light until I can really be sincere in my reactions.  This is really ok because I do have my family to attend to and this in itself has different levels of priority.

Other than my family my hobbies are my vehicles.  I love to fix them up, clean them up, then drive them like I stole it sometimes. The hard part about this break is that I won’t be sharing those ‘moments’ with family and friends.  As a guy who likes things, I am also a guy who likes to talk  about his things with his friends. Love to share the modifications I’ve made on my vehicles and share how I did them.

I love to cook and share recipes. Now I’ll be keeping them to myself for now.  I like to think I am a guy with a big heart that likes to share, who likes to go out and see the scenery, and also be part of the scene. Not sure how this will all work out due to these contradictions in my personality and my decision to take a break.  We will see…



Just a wanna be blogger. Father of twins +1. Caviar dreams on a McDonald's budget.

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